“A page-turner of an adventure story” 

“There is real craft here and a rare ability to build mood and tension” 

“Assured quality writing” 

“Bizarre killings, political uncertainty” 

“History and excitement” 

“A can’t put down .. must read work” 

“The Catskinner: “… on a par with Ken Follett … highly recommended.”

A Goodreads review ( 

The Jade Buddha

“Fast paced, stylised and hugely readable thriller.”

“A high octane, intelligent thriller.”

“Definitely one of the best I have read in this genre.”

“It hits the ground running…moves along at a blistering pace”

“Several well-timed and unexpected turns … a cracking denouement.”

“The Jade Buddha is highly recommended."

The Feathers

“A committed serial killer is terrorizing the city. Brutal, baffling."

“What is the killer trying to do with his experiments? What do the feathers mean?”

“Baffling, mysterious – who is the serial killer and what is his purpose?”

Simply “A good read.”


“Fred Nurk is emblematic of many dauntless seekers who embark on a quest of a lifetime.”

“Fred Nurk is an inspiration. TheGoodReadWipe is a laugh.”

Keepers of The Deep

“The story brought back memories of reading Enid Blytons Enchanted Wood series, and the story kind of has a Peter Pan like feeling to it.”

“I recommend this novel to parents who are looking for a more traditional fantasy novel for their child, and older readers who want a fun, easy read full of fantasy."

“A great introductory story to a new series, Keepers of the Deep is full of adventure.”

“What an imagination. Top stuff.”

“Journey into a little boy’s imagination and an alternate fantasy reality.”

“Lord of the Flies type characters, with a little supernatural twist here and there.”

The Land of The Kokeshi

"At last the second book of Nikko's adventures. Well worth the wait."

"Another really enjoyable read for young readers."


"The second Zac Tighe murder mystery. I hope there will be many more."

""A thoroughly good read."

Murder by The Book

"A fascinating concept. A book written by readers - very interesting."

The Quizzical Quest of Roger and Dribbles

"What a lovely story for readers of this age group (7 to 12)."

"Definitely a brilliant sleuth...and a funny sleuthful sidekick."